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Kostevich in a pursuit for Harlan

Kostevich in a pursuit for Harlan
Yesterday in a conference room of NOC of Ukraine - better late than never! - celebrated the best sportswoman of September.

the Choice of respectable jury between two world champions - Darya Beloded and Elena Kostevich - has been made in favor of the last - the Olympic champion of Athens-2004, the two-time bronze medallist of London-2012.

In September Kostevich has won a WC in Korea where to her wasn't equal in exercise of MP-5, having added to gold also bronze in firing from an air gun with 10 in a miksta with Oleg Omelchuk.

A in October has successfully acted, having shown just phenomenal result, at the international competitions in Munich.

is the fifth award of Elena in the Athlete of Month nomination, - the president of NOC Sergey Bubka has taken the floor on seniority. - 10 such trophies at Olga Harlan, 9 - at Oleg Vernyaev. Now Lena needs to kill this result.

- In our sport a century of the athlete longer, than at fencers or gymnasts so I gradually, slowly, will come nearer, - the nominee Kostevich has laughed the matter off in reply.

- in October to Elena was succeeded to achieve new tremendous success - to set a world record in qualification, having beaten out 399 points from 400! - Bubka has continued to shock the audience with journalists entertaining arithmetics. - You see, what does it mean? 39 times from forty she has shot at "ten", and still once - in...

- 9,8, - Elena has accurately specified. - Considering

that by new rules the preliminary round will consist from now on of 60 shots, this result can remain an eternal world record, - Sergey Nazarovich has summed up. - Anyway we congratulate Lena on a victory in the World Cup, achievement of planetary scale and gaining one of two first for Ukraine Olympic licenses for Games-2020 (the second for our country one more shooter - Pavel Korostylev has got. - Comment of M.S.).

of the LICENSE EAT, there is no place to SHOOT

of the Congratulation into the account was written down also by the president of Federation of firing of Ukraine Oleg Volkov:

- Elena's Result says that her potential isn't exhausted. We glance not only at OI-2020, but also at Games of 2024th and 2028th. Considering that in our sport it is possible to shoot also to pension, it is possible to look with optimism there. And there - already and the daughter Sofia will grow up... Volkov would have

of Optimism more if not a force majeur event - the base of the Olympic preparation in Lviv has burned down: "Licenses are, there is no shooting range", - Volkov has gloomy emphasized.

the Way out was prompted by the first Victor Korzh deputy the chairman of society "Dynamo" sitting in presidium at the left.

- in the future have to come to the aid of the national team Dinamo shooting complex in Lviv and a shooting gallery in Vinnytsia. There is a wish to hope that both constructions will meet the requirements of preparation of collections.

on a warming up at the heroine of the forefront has acted as the Last her long-term trainer Igor Cheredinov:

- These results have turned out to be consequence of collaboration all our a lump



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