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Konstantin Meladze: I have burst into tears at receipt in music school

The producer and his brother have participated in the show "Ideal Repair". There they have shared the reminiscence.

Konstantin Meladze has reported that his brother was admitted to music school at once. And here he has burst into tears at receipt before selection committee there.

the Producer has reported that the competition on a piano was big therefore he was decided to be given on a violin. He has failed entrance examinations and has burst into tears. However, he has continued, it was necessary to know our mother with her penetrative abilities. Couldn't but accept Meladze after that.

When Konstantin has for the first time taken a violin in hand and has tried to elicit from her "magic sounds", anything hasn't turned out. For him it became disappointment. Perhaps, for his future teachers it was still big.

the Same feeling were ispytvat by both mother, and neighbors. Meladze until the end of training in a violin had no progress. He has very much taken offense at it, and the first hit called "Don't disturb to me to a shower, a violin". Konstantin has told that he in this song has splashed out all offense at the tool which isn't given him.

However, mother forced him to finish training in this class. And now she has influence on sons. Constantly cares whether warmly they are dressed and whether have managed to eat.

Konstantin Meladze has reported that he in it doesn't contradict it. Even, if he has eaten previously houses or at restaurant, coming to mother, has dinner once again. It is considered a ritual.



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