Date: 7 months ago   Category: Economy

Kolomoysky's Ukrtatnafta has urged the authorities to lower excises on gasoline

Ukrtatnafta has urged the government to make investigation concerning import of oil products to Ukraine and at the same time to lower a rate of an excise tax to stimulate domestic production.

is told About it in the letter of the chairman of the board of Ukrtatnafta to the prime minister Vladimir Groysman.

"The country aggressor really considers questions of the termination of deliveries of energy carriers to Ukraine, and first of all oil products as the most effective measure which purpose will be a creation of a collapse in functioning of public authorities of the power, failure in all directions of economic activity of subjects of managing of Ukraine", - it is said in the letter.

"In the conditions of supercritical dependence on supply of oil products from the Russian Federation and Belarus needs to be created immediately conditions for increase in import from other countries and building of domestic production", - Ukrtatnafta states.

according to the company, a share of supply of oil products which directly or indirectly through the Belarusian enterprises, are controlled by the Russian state oil companies is brought to 80% on diesel fuel, to 75% on the liquefied gas, to 50% on gasolines.

"PJSC Ukrtatnafta has prepared the complaint about violation and conducting antisubsiditsionny investigation concerning import to Ukraine of separate products of processing of oil raw materials (gasolines motor) origin from Republic of Belarus", - the company reports.

At the same time Ukrtatnafta have taken the initiative of change of the operating level of rates of an excise tax.

the Company asks to initiate from the government consideration of the specified question at a meeting of the NSDC.



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