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Kolomoysky's company builds storage of autogas near Kiev

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has published technical characteristics of the gas-filling station which construction is conducted by LLC Ukroylkhim in Boryspil.

of the Characteristic of an object are specified in the application for performance of assessment of influence on the environment.

according to the edition, GNS under construction belongs to the Privat group. An object will become the first autonomous gas storage in structure of Privat. Still the group supplied the network of gas modules directly from GPP Ukrnafta and the Kremenchuk oil refinery.

It is known that since 2018 representatives of Privat also get SUG at the electronic trading of Ukrgazvydobuvann on the terms of export of tanker trucks.

the Design spaciousness of GNS is 3 thousand cubic meters.

the Reservoir park includes 15 capacities on 200 cubic meters. Capacity of the station is planned at the level of 180 thousand tons a year. GNS will be equipped / д-эстакадой on 6 tank cars and the system of autofilling on 5 tanks.

Construction is conducted to the address Boryspil of Zavokzalnaya 13-A and 15 St. The area of the land plot allocated under building is 2,41 hectares. The stated number of the workers serving GNS - 29 people.

For commissionings is specified 2019, however according to enkorr, GNS is on a closing stage of construction, and her operator plans to perform the first operations on reception of SUG in November of this year.

According to documents, in May, 2018 LLC Ukroylkhim has appealed to the Ministry of regional construction to consider the possibility of a deviation from existing rules of DBN on the 3rd points.

In particular, there is a speech about distance from / д-эстакады GNS to the structures which aren't a part of GNS - at demanded not less than 200 m on GNS under construction it makes 42,7 meters.

as compensating measures is specified a fire-prevention wall 3 meters high and 250 meters long and also installation of additional gas analyzers, irrigation systems / д-цистерн for their cooling, installation of additional fire hydrants and the system of video surveillance.

Also the company asks to depart from the norm demanding at least 150 m of distance from the GNS underground tanks to third-party buildings. At construction of the station, such distance makes 40,2 meters.

Existing rules of DBN demand existence of a fire brigade in radius of 3 km on highways, such distance from this GNS makes 4,1 km. As compensators the company plans to install the system of automatic giving of a signal on the panel of the next fire brigade and storage of 6 sets of the heatreflecting suits and means of protection on a fire post.

according to enkorr, the positive decision on the requested deviations is in the final stage.

At the same time, participants of the market note that in May when Ukroylkhim was only requested by permission, technological knots which don't find room in construction norms they have been already constructed or were in process.



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