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Kivan threw the "faithful servants"?

In the past weekend the Odessa field officers detained the being wanted car driving which there was a cohabitant of the former head of Odessa Right Sector, the scandalous radical Sergey Sternenko Natalya Usatenko. It turned out that the Toyota car, belongs to For the Benefit of Odessa charity foundation which is financed as is well-known by the Odessa businessman of the Syrian origin Adnan Kivan.

began a strange story Further, the girlfriend Sternenko said that her car, is more true presented to it and the cohabitant. But the SUV was registered in search on base of NP as stolen from fund. Generally detained for giving explanations brought to the Khmelnytskyi police station. The vehicle is confiscated. An inspection is carried out.

For now inhabitants of Odessa violently discuss this fact in social networks. Say that thus Adnan Kivan just "merged" become low-operated the so-called activist Sternenko who to please to the last and for very decent money besides puts up the last three years various protest actions, fights and fights in Odessa.

is Enough to remember a fight at Summer theater during which several police officers including the chief of regional government of police Dmitry Golovin were traumatized. In 2017 Sergey Sternenko was detained and sent to the Odessa pre-trial detention center for the organization of mass riots. It is remarkable that in Sterenko's pre-trial detention center by request of his certain ill-wishers closed in the camera which contained prisoners from category outcast and "lowered" on prison "concepts".

By hearsay, in this chamber with the activist managed not really tenderly: "Treated Sternenko on lawlessness. The human course (thieves and them looking on the pre-trial detention center. - An editor's note) in this case not at affairs, this person his accomplices - "activists" ordered.

could Be released Sternenko only after bail for it personally Odessa governor Maxim Stepanov whom as say, "influential politicians" pressured.

Say that it after "painful sitting" in Sternenko's pre-trial detention center began to work actively for "office", handing over already not only the accomplices, but also sponsors.
can also explain to this
the fact that the car on which Sterenko with the girlfriend suddenly cut not the first day it was stolen, and the charity foundation of Adnan Kivan disowned from the faithful servant.

Inhabitants of Odessa in social networks actively feel sorry for the young man who was so strongly injured in the pre-trial detention center, and now also the criminal code substituted under the next article the boss.



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