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Kirill Kryzhanovsky: Dynamo has won against the sorted mediocre team"

Kirill Kryzhanovsky: Dynamo has won against the sorted mediocre team"
The famous journalist Kirill Kryzhanovsky has commented on a victory of Kiev Dynamo over Rennes (3:1) in the Kiev duel of the Europa League.

"After a duel with Shakhtar was one important question: it was the flash or something with a view to progress? The match with Rennes left this question. There is a strong wish to look at matches of Dynamo in the championship of Ukraine and to behold there the same desire and eagerness. But I will praise and thank today. And to long a little

to Thank:

- coaching staff for the fact that put Mikolenko, Shaparenko, having seated at the same time coryphaeuses on a shop and stands;

- personally Shaparenko. Not so much for a goal, how many for the fact that hasn't fallen on the flank as soon as has felt touch of the powerful rival. For the fact that has continued the movement and has finished everything as it is necessary;

- coaching staff of Rennes that haven't carried out theoretical work properly and haven't studied giving from standards performed by Dynamo. to Praise


- Verbich's work. Decent volume without ball, took away rivals, fought, created zones and did the attack by more various, than usually;

- Boyko's saves. An exceptional case when the goalkeeper has helped us to make a difference, but it has happened;

- giving from Tsygankov's standards. At the limited attacking team options, standards become force.

to Long:

- team still needs the center forward of good level;

- the similar level of motivation and desire to play from first minutes comes very seldom. It is bad;

- realization of the moments - can't miss chances when you leave 3 on 1;

- wants to see Mikolenko in the center of defense;

I the most important - Dynamo has won against the sorted mediocre French team. So we won't speak about cardinal progress at a long distance yet. Paradoxically, but the match of the next tour against Mariupol will be the present test for Dynamo. There we will also look at the level of motivation, desire and that the most important, aggressions of team not in one time, and throughout all match. And while it is possible to state nearly the best match of team in this season and an important victory", - Kryzhanovsky has written to Facebook.

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