Date: 2 months ago   Category: Economy

Kiev established a monument to the Ukrainian hryvnia

In the territory of the Kiev national economic university established a monument to the Ukrainian coin of 1 hryvnia under the name "All-powerful Hryvnia".

reported about it one of initiators of the project Andrey Pavlovsky in Facebook.

"The All-powerful Hryvnia project cost us 300 thousand hryvnias. As patrons businessmen, students, workers from different spheres of our life and even pensioners acted. We needed more than a year to realize this project. It was not simply, but we trusted and we continue to trust, as energy, and those wishes which were put by people in this coin the means will work only for the benefit of our country", - Pavlovsky wrote.

according to him, this coin symbolizes krepy Ukrainian economy, blossoming of social and economic well-being of nation.

"Also wants to wish all of us prosperity of Ukraine that our citizens could realize the dreams at home. At us is deep history, and we have bright future. Let this coin will become a symbol of changes and prosperity of our citizens. There is a wish to wish to the Ukrainian hryvnia of durability and force. The good will win", - Pavlovsky summarized.

the Same monument to hryvnia was established at the building of Prominvestbank in Donetsk in 2005. The huge coin in accuracy repeated the most widespread classical hryvnia which was published in 1995 which active circulation happened in 2001-2003, and was the only monument to hryvnia in Ukraine. And in 2015 in the occupied Donetsk fighters stole the memorable sign.

the only monument to hryvnia is Now in Kiev. Apparently, he should become a new symbol of good luck: that money was found, it is necessary to rub a coin that already and is done by the people examining it.



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