Date: 2 weeks ago   Category: Sport

Kasympasha continues to sink, Ankaragyudzhyu - rises

Affairs at Kasympasha are absolutely bad. The team which still fought two months ago for a title in the last eight rounds gathered only four points, and after New year did not add in the table of any point yet. What to tell if Moustapha Denizli's team is smashed by the outsider of "Ankaragyudzhyu" who in nine rounds took before all a point! How many still patience at the management Kasympasha?

Thanks to this victory of "Ankaragyudzhyu" moved away from a departure zone a little, and Kasympash already fell by the eighth place, having passed on the seventh Sivasspor. Ukrainian Sergey Rybalka helped to beat on the home field last Akhisar - 2:1, and the Ivorian veteran Arouna Kone caused a stir in a double. 2018-19, Championship of Turkey Game day: 2019-02-11

"Ankaragyudzhyu" - Kasympash of 3:0 (1:0)

Goals: Orgill, 33 (1:0); Sako H., 46 (2:0); Parlak, 86 (3:0)

Sivasspor - Akhisar of 2:1 (1:0)

Goals: Kone A., 5 (1:0); Kone A., 60 (penalties) (2:0); Жозуэ, 87 (penalties) (2:1)

of Removal: Erdal Z., 87 (the second prevention)



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