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Kadyrov reacted to Zelensky's speech in the Verkhovna Rada

The president of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said that he was disappointed in the president Vladimir Zelenskom after his inaugural speech in the Verkhovna Rada. About it Kadyrov wrote

in the Telegram channel. "The task he called

"return" of Donbass and the Crimea". I will not tell anything about Donbass which is squeezed out by reckless actions of the leadership of Ukraine. And as for the Crimea, the peninsula in March, 2014 forever came back home to Russia and is not going to leave anywhere! Zelensky and his future successors should acquire forever that the Crimea was, is and forever - centuries will be a component of Russia", - he claims.

Kadyrov considers that "most likely, inaugural speech was edited over the ocean, otherwise the president would not begin to make bellicose statements in the first day, threatening to occupy the territory of the neighboring state".

"Vladimir Aleksandrovich, I was about you absolutely other opinion. Thought that the successful, experienced and famous showman will become the wise soberminded politician, and you coveted others at once. So good neighbors do not do! It is forced to be disappointed in you. And so there was no wish in the first day!", - the president of Chechnya said.

according to him, "Russia belongs to speeches of Kiev about the Crimea as to childish pranks, and tricks sometimes strongly irritate".

"If were necessary to Russia others lands, Kiev would become the regional center in the west of the Russian Federation long ago. The big, beautiful, blossoming city! But Russia will never make it! We respect territorial integrity of the country of the fraternal Ukrainian people! The stranger is not necessary to us, but also we will give the to nobody!", - Kadyrov considers.



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