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Joanne Rowling has learned that her book has saved life of the baby. Her answer was magic!

History of the girl who has survived. to

This story was told by the American Kelly Benem the Service jacket on the website Upworthy.

In the worst night when our 450-gram daughter dried out in couveuse darkness, my husband has opened the book and has begun to read aloud:

- chapter 1. The boy who has survived. It couldn't but read to

these words. It seemed to me strange that he has chosen the first book from a seven-volume series with a total amount more than 4 000 pages for the girl who could not worry night.

- Perhaps is better "Good night, the Moon!"? - I have offered. - Good book.

But Tom understood better and better me. He wanted that Dzhuniper, given rise pregnancy, hardly viable after 23 weeks, I have listened to a story about children who are able to fly. He wanted to read to her about the baby who has experienced the most terrible evil in the world because his mother was near and has protected him at the price of the life.

In our family of the book about Harry Potter are read to tatters.

my husband wanted to accept the daughter to our tribe. My stepsons Nat and Sam have grown up, reading these books on a lap under a table. They played Quidditch on rollers and did magic wands of chopsticks and groves. When by him it was executed for 11 years, both checked a mailbox all day long in desperate hope that all this the truth will be found the invitation in Hogwarts also there.

of History of J.K. Rowling and the song by Springsteen made our general mythology.

I now, holding this read book with the lost jacket long ago, Tom surrounded our daughter with a protective spell of love and participation.

Stories are composed to find sense in casual. They give us our personal history and even identity.

wasn't any sense that Dzhuniper has rushed into this world for 16 weeks before term and of the size of a kitten. There was no sense that her life was supported by devices, but at any time could break. There was no sense to look after the baby in a plastic box, but we have learned to do it. - Stories is a promise, - Tom when he has found time to think of it has told me. - They promise that the ending is worth it that to wait for it. Certainly, Dzhuniper didn't understand words. But by means of the monitor peeping at her bed it could tell

to us that she likes parts about Hermione and the rough voice of a semi-giant of Hagrid isn't pleasant. When Tom read

to it, was easier breathed by her, she leveled temperature, and in general she looked happier. Tom read each paragraph drawlingly, quiet tone, and once he stopped, at her oxygen level fell, and the alarm signal joined.

- Read further! - nurses shouted.

He has almost read up the first book when at Dzhuniper one more terrible night was. We rushed in hospital, and he has burst into tears driving. - And suddenly she won't hear the end of history? he said. - Suddenly she doesn't learn, than everything has ended? Five years later Dzhuniper has grown in the cheerful and violent girl. And once, when she was in kindergarten, to us home прин



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