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Jewish meaning of life: Their whole three!

Jewish meaning of life: Their whole three!
Interpretation of the Torah from the wise Jew.

One Jew by the name of Roman Yakovlevich Guzman, the former teacher of physics, became the Chief teacher of life for the author of this post, Mark Rozin. He is convinced that the Jewish wise men solved already many centuries ago meaning of life, having interpreted the Torah. He stated it on points.

the First meaning of life.

"For the first five days God created Earth, and at the end of every day of creation he looked at what is made, and saw that "it is good". And in the sixth day he wanted that someone shared his joy that there was a viewer who will be able to estimate beauty of the world created by it (what animals could not make).

For this purpose it created the Person and commanded to it to rejoice and enjoy beauty of the world. And in it the first Meaning of life consists.

If you rejoice to the sky, the sun, a rain, enjoy taste of food and a smell of flowers - that your life is comprehended because you become the God's true judge of art and thanks to you God is not lonely in the admiration. If the only thing that the person in the life did - rejoiced and derived pleasure, his life already makes sense because it executed the first instruction of God".

the Second meaning of life.

"God created the Person on the similarity, so he created it the Creator too and invited to coauthorship. And the Person began to supplement the world of God: to draw pictures, to build buildings, to compose music. God did not draw pictures oil, and the person artist saw and created the world in own way, and God looked at it on art of hands and told now about what was made by the person: "It is good".

I God became the viewer of creations of the person, just as the person is a viewer of creation of God.

And therefore is not important whether many people were estimated by creativity of the person - enough that music of words or paints charmed God - and then his second smysloobrazuyushchy instruction will be executed".

the Third meaning of life. "God created

the Person of similar to, but not equal to - not so perfect as he. Between the Person and God there was a gap - and therefore, God commanded to the person to develop to reduce this gap, to become more perfect, to get closer to God is and there is the third meaning of life - development.

Besides, God told people: propagate and breed.

When you hold the warm baby in hand, you look in his otherworldly face, you already talk, you play, you put a hand on the head - and you are overflowed by sense and happiness, and then there passes time, and you understand that children grow already in itself, and your participation in them not it considerable, and you should live the life and again all doubts and tortures with you.

I if it is possible to enjoy life and to create at any age, then since some moment you only observe how your children propagate and breed. What your mission by this moment is already exhausted, it is time and to die? No, it is possible to look at the sky and to please God with an exhalation: "It is good"... "

A you agree with Roman Yakovlevich? That for you a sma



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