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JerezTest MotoGP: Lorenzo and Nakagami's results struck Cal Kratchlou

Kratchlou passed JerezTest because of the trauma got at the stage MotoGP in Australia, but he very much watched closely all events in Valencia and the Sherry: it was struck by the speed with which Jorge Lorenzo adapted to Honda RC213V and the speed which set Takaaki Nakagami in final day of tests.

MOTORCYCLE RACES .RU, on December 1, 2018 - British could not Arrive to Spain as his program of restoration is painted for two months and it already few weeks, as in California. He intends to return to work on tests in the Sepang in February, but not earlier. "To watch

tests as hard how to watch races on TV, - British admitted. - I do not ride the motorcycle on public roads, I have enough feelings which give races. I adore them, it is a part me. But after a podium in Japan to pass my favourite Phillip Island and Sepang International Circuit was the most severe disappointment. I look forward to the moment to return to a saddle".

For now Kratchlou pays tribute to the new colleagues - to the workmate in LCR Honda Takaaki Nakagami who finished tests in the Sherry with a new record of a circle and also Lorenzo who for the first time rode out only on November 20 RC213V, and last Thursday took a sure 5th position in the final protocol of JerezTest.

"At me wide experience of piloting of Yamaha and Ducati, and I know, it is how heavy to change - that's it in this sequence - to Honda, even for Lorenzo it is a difficult task. But he is after all a 5-fold world champion. And right now it pleasantly surprised me, even struck: as quickly he adapted to RCV! And he just should study the bike in depth, to learn its weak and strengths. I can tell that it will be among favourites from the first race if already now goes circles at the same speed, as to Yamaha three years ago" - Kratchlou told.

But a bigger impression were made by Nakagami - the pilot who only came to MotoGP in 2017 and enters the second season with Honda Racing.

"I always sought to support and help Take, and I will continue to do it because he is a clever young man. He is a recruit this year, but impressed me at once. The motorcycle on which he was fated to enter MotoGP is rather difficult for development, but it does not confuse him at all. It is always fast in the Sherry - not to take away it from it. But it and in Valencia was good! Matures promptly, and 2019 will be its year".

of Nakagami the first of recruits of 2018 managed to get to qualification of Q2 (it occurred on the Grand Prix of Catalonia), gained 33 points since the beginning of a season and finished in 17 of 19 races. The finish in TOP-6 in the championship final, in Valencia became its best result. "I told

with Bifi, the chief of my crew who was on tests in the Sherry, and he told that he is impressed with pilotage too. Sometimes... you know, we with Mark analyze data of telemetry in a year... and so sometimes speed in turn at is much higher, than at both of us. On the other hand, we expected on some races from it бо



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