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Japan will carry out the first tests of the concept of the space elevator

The team of the Japanese scientists from the University of Shizuoka and also other organizations is going to make the first experiment connected with the idea of development of "the space elevator" - the devices capable in the theory to connect Earth and the space station a special cable that in the long term will allow to open new opportunities in a conclusion of payloads to low Earth orbit and also delivery of people.

the Similar experiment will be made in space for the first time. Before scientists start creation of the full "space elevator", they should resolve a set of the engineering and scientific issues connected with development of special, high-strength cables by means of which the space elevator will rise by an orbit. The experiment has to take place in the next few days.

In his framework scientists want to use two ultracompact satellites-kubsata (the sizes 10&215; 10 cm) which will put to orbit by means of the carrier rocket H-2B. Satellites will be combined among themselves with the help of a 10-meter steel cable on which the improvised pig which is carrying out an elevator role will be established. By means of this set Japanese want to prove reality of the theory of "the space elevator".

the Essence of an experiment is in stretching that elevator on a cable, of 10 m. The wire will be in hover at this time. Kubsata are in turn necessary to hold a cable tense. "The space elevator" will begin the way on a wire from a container in which the carrier rocket will take satellites into an orbit.

it will be possible to Monitor movements of "the space elevator" by means of the cameras mounted on satellites. However experts note that even in case of success Japanese won't approach a final point of implementation of the project of "the space elevator" yet.

Start of the carrier rocket H-2B with two satellites is onboard planned for September 11.

to the First the idea of the space elevator was offered by the Russian scientist Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in the 19th century. Then, approximately through one hundred years this subject was lifted" again in the work by the British science fiction writer Arthur Clark. In representation of modern scientists the similar device will be able to take people and freights into an orbit with a speed up to 200 kilometers per hour. According to predesigns, the total length of a cable of the full-fledged space elevator will be about 96 000 kilometers. By estimates of the Japanese scientists, the project of construction of the space elevator can cost treasury 10 trillion yens that approximately similarly project costs of the train of a maglev by means of which it is planned to connect Tokyo and Osaka. At the same time, experts note, the cost of delivery of 1 kilogram of weight into an orbit by means of the space elevator is estimated at several tens of thousands of yens (or approximately at 1/100 costs of delivery of the same volume by means of the space shuttle). "In the theory to create the space elevator quite really. Thanks to such installation in the future space travel will become available to much bigger number the person interested"



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