Date: 4 months ago   Category: Auto

Italy has begun to fight against "eurometal plates"

Violators will have to pay a penalty from 712 euros. And if not to re-register the car in 180 days, then will confiscate it.

the Government of Italy introduces penalties and confiscation of cars for those citizens who are in the country more than 60 days and operate the vehicle on foreign registration.

These innovations contain in the adopted law on safety, ANSA on Friday, November 8 reports. The authorities intend to put an end to evasion from payment of taxes by those Italians which go by the cars registered abroad. The law concerns also foreigners who live and work in Italy.

About innovations was told by the minister of infrastructure and transport Danilo Toninelli. "We have included

in the law on safety of situation which forbids those who live in Italy more than 60 days, to drive the cars with foreign registration plates", he said. the Minister has assured

that those who will try to bypass payment of taxes are waited by serious penalties and if they don't re-register the car - that confiscation. Violators will have to pay

a penalty from 712 euros. Within 180 days the car owner will be forced to re-register the car, during this period of a car will remain in a warehouse. If not to re-register the car for this term, will confiscate it.

"I very much am proud of this measure which is designed to stop practice which causes damage to all of us, selects money and harms those Italian companies which work lawfully", - the minister has said.



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