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It will promote efforts on Ukraine, - in SMM OSCE the new deputy head of the mission

In Special monitoring mission of OSCE appointed the new Deputy head Erturul Apakan - Antje Grawe. In a mission say that Grawe has considerable experience in the sphere of resolution of conflicts.

worked as Grawe in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and at Haiti before, it is said in the statement of SMM OSCE on Twitter.

In OSCE hope that new appointment will help Ukraine.

of Knowledge and Antje's experience will promote the efforts of a mission directed to settlement of crisis in Ukraine and around it,

- noted in SMM.

It is known that the head of Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine Alexander Hug resigned on October 31, 2018. After that on November 1 British Mark Eterington became the deputy head of Special monitoring mission of OSCE in Ukraine.

in What is engaged the OSCE Mission in Ukraine? The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) deals with control of arms, the issues of peace and human rights. Its participants are 57 countries located mainly in Europe and also the countries - the former members of the USSR and the USA with Canada.

In Ukraine the organization is known, first of all, for the Donbass monitoring mission. It began the work on March 21, 2014 in connection with military operations in the east. Its main objectives are impartially and to observe and report objectively on a situation in Ukraine and also to promote dialogue between all parties of the conflict. That is the mission is only actually authorized to fix offenses, but not to prevent them. The mission consists of unaided civil observers and also the international workers from the participating states of OSCE. They are helped by employees from Ukraine.

"Evening Quarter" tomorrow on "1 1": Zelensky with protection on the stage, interrogation of MARUV and the new actor



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