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It was again sniffed? Zakharova was derided for a ridiculous image

The official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova became an object of sneers and criticism in network because of a ridiculous photo on which she has compared herself to the schoolgirl.

the diplomat of the Russian Federation has shared the Picture on the page in Instagram and has attached to him a post about nostalgia by years of youth.

"Here I think: can, too go to school? The portfolio is, the form, it seems, is had. I will flash knowledge in some 9-B", - she has written.

However users of network haven't estimated her irony and have commented on the publication the comments deriding defiant behavior of Zakharova and untidy appearance which she constantly shows on public.

"Go study, grow wise", "Again coke it was sniffed?", "On pension, but not in school", "I think that even in 7-A is already known about cocaine and as to use it. Therefore, Maria, remain on the former place. The wadded population needs in pionervozhaty ", " the Argentina coke doesn't release?" - users write.

the Russian Foreign Ministry has reacted To an unsuccessful photo of the speaker also the Ukrainian political scientist Alexey Golobutsky who has also very unflatteringly spoken of him and has made Zakharova by object of rigid trolling.

"The speaker of a russomid Masha Zakharova in honor of the beginning of academic year has decided to remember an image "the dissolute schoolgirl". Interestingly, and if "the eternal maiden", the observer of morals Mizulina popalit? "Scraps on back streets will depart"? Zakharova it seems as official, though Masha!" - he has written.



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