Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

"It not in competence of the mayor's office": officials haven't supported the moratorium on building of green zones

The mayor's office has rejected the petition in which citizens have asked to forbid construction on green zones.

Zaporozhets Vyacheslav Bodrov initiated creation of the petition about declaration of the moratorium on construction on public green zones (in parks, squares, on avenues) after the events in Yalansky's park opposite to Ukraine where under construction of modern shopping center have cut down about 500 trees.

In the document with reference to mostostroitelny documentation is said that in the city of only 617 hectares of green plantings whereas the need for the next 15-20 years is 1670 hectares, that is it is necessary to land even more than 100 hectares.

at the same time in the petition won't be specified to last to what term the moratorium and how to decide destiny of those zones which have given for construction earlier.

the Petition have supported more than 750 citizens therefore under the law she was considered in the mayor's office on the commission of department of architecture and a gorodostroyeniye.

as a result officials have come to a conclusion that not in competences of local government to establish the ban or to impose the moratorium on building of green zones.

at the same time in the draft decision of the City Council is also said that responsibility for preservation of plantings on the sites transferred to private hands lies on their owners.

So have rejected the petition.



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