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It is sold I have announced blackmail from Lutsenko. Repartition of financial flows was the center in activity of GPU and the State Courier Service

Elections close, and it means that considerable money will shortly be necessary for implementation of election and advertizing campaigns. For anybody not a secret that today there is a global repartition of financial flows. And. about chapters of the State Courier Service Miroslav Prodan has started a number of checks, threatening to open all cards shortly and to convict GPU of frauds. Everything has begun

with the fact that Prodan has submitted the application to NABU for loss from warehouses of the Odessa customs of goods of 37 containers for the sum of 150 million UAH and declared that officials of GPU are involved in it. "Considering

that I have all bases to claim about participation in this crime of staff of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine, I file a petition in NABU for conducting impartial investigation in this occasion. We are ready to provide all materials which are at the disposal of the State Courier Service today", - Prodan has told.

according to the acting head of the State Courier Service, is, in particular, about fabric, the equipment, tractors and spare parts which the staff of service managed to find and withdraw in the different markets of Ukraine, including in the Kharkiv and Odessa regions. He has reported that the group which part the employee of GPU who is on the sick-list from the division exercising supervision of work of customs is is involved in stealing of not cleared goods.

of Lutsenko for has kept itself to wait for the answer. Yury Lutsenko has reported that to Prodan there are claims. "Meanwhile I voice claims to a set of cases on smuggling which were allowed by his subordinates. But now I work on business in which I have claims to it personal. While I receive enough proofs, I will make the proceeding decision", - the Prosecutor General has told. The head of the State Courier Service has connected the events with the last checks in forest branch. "You blackmail two months with

me, my relatives, my environment that you have information concerning me. If she is, you show her and if you can, pull, please, a month more, I will finish all control and test actions connected with forest branch, and I am convinced, at such briefing we will hear and we will see a lot of interesting", - Prodan has told. Prodan has also declared

"the huge pressure from law enforcement agencies" concerning him, his friends, relatives and colleagues from service. "I present to

how it will amplify when the first results of control and test actions in forest branch appear. It is convinced that some will have a hysteria much more, than now", - Prodan has noted.

Thus Lutsenko loosens a situation during which real "profile" actions of GPU aren't expected, and only self-interests appear.

Is later, during repartition of financial flows which can be used in a pre-election race, within joint operation of GPU and the SSU "calling" of investigators and quick workers the central office of the State Courier Service in Kiev for carrying out investigative actions concerning Prodan was planned.

of the Ex-deputy head of the SSU



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