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"It is impossible to lose that isn't present": Fans have exposed Rita Dakota and hers "the strained voice"

Dakota "has got busted" with a soundtrack and has decided to simulate a hoarse voice to justify oneself before fans and not to lose audience, consider in social networks.

the Russian singer Rita Dakota pretends that she very much suffers because of "unfaithfulness" of the husband though to such statements of the woman there is a large number of denials. Recently Dakota has decided not to lag behind the example for imitation in Buzova's show business and has continued "to suffer", telling about the failures.

Dakota in the Instagram has posted video on which she has said that she because of a stress has lost a voice during the performance on Vidfesta. According to the woman, she managed to sing only one song instead of three. Later, in Pechatniki, the problem with voice remained and фониатр has given it an adrenaline injection directly in sheaves that has allowed her to sing the whole seven songs. However there wasn't enough voice nevertheless, and fans Dakota sang refrains.

the Singer has said that she needs time "to recover". She has to cure sheaves by September 16 and give the planned concert.

After such statements haters and fans have exposed Rita Dakota and also its "the strained voice". The woman says that she sings without soundtrack. However on videos of her concerts the absolutely return is heard. For example, during communication with audience Rita Dakota had quite deep and hoarse voice, however during a song it got a maiden high and ringing timbre, getting rid completely of hoarseness. Of course, there are fair suspicions that it is a soundtrack as the voice of the person can't change in seconds on "studio".

Besides, according to Rita's Instagram Dakota, after the strained voice the singer still continued "to be in time on coffee between concerts" with the girlfriends. The whole day the woman mentioned nothing a voice and only in the evening she has uploaded video about "the broken sheaves". All this is improbable too, commentators consider.

Most likely, Dakota have convicted Rita of use of a soundtrack, and she has decided to justify herself before public, having simulated a hoarse voice for the sake of video. On social networks haters of the singer have written: "It is impossible to lose that isn't present".



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