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It is disgusting: the network has remembered "sovok" parades of times of government of Yanukovych

Now it was somehow forgotten, but at Yanukovych the Russian flags in the Ukrainian capital were not a rarity.

So far actively pass rehearsals of a military parade by the Independence Day of Ukraine in Kiev, users of network remember the previous military parades which were taking place in the capital at the president Yanukovych.

So, on Twitter Ukrainians share old pictures of parades till 2014. In particular, Rostislav Chernyakhovsky has paid attention to "sovok" processions "for grandfathers" in the center of the capital in 2013. "I watch

at these photos and I understand what despair and rage in the Kremlin. To work so much to carry out on the Khreshchatyk this here the Soviet cosplay, and now instead - a parade by the Independence Day, and what on a photo, - is forbidden. Already it justifies holding a parade. Without speaking about another", - he has added.

Users also remember other parades. For example, Vasily Kaminsky has published the picture from a parade on May 9.

"At the time of the henchman Putin - Yanukovych - m*skal felt in Kiev as at home", - one user has noticed.

Besides, the user Eldar Aliyev has posted the corresponding video. He has noted that from 2010 to 2013 in Ukraine parades for the Independence Day didn't carry out. Victor Yanukovych has solved, to cancel them for economy of the budget.

"I address those who don't like a rehearsal of a parade and holding a parade in Kiev. Especially for you I have found - "your parade", 2013 in Kiev on the Khreshchatyk, there and "To Berlin" and "For grandfathers" and "For the Homeland!". Generally as you love all - you don't thank", - the author has signed video.




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