Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

It became known when consideration of the case concerning Rosenblatt and Polyakov takes place

In Goloseevsky district court of Kiev the preparatory meeting in criminal proceedings on charge of People's Deputies of Ukraine Borislav Rosenblatt and Maxim Polyakov and also four more people of obtaining the offer and obtaining illegal benefit will take place on October 23, the UNN with reference to these vessels tells.

according to court, a preparatory meeting is appointed at 10:30 on October 23 this year. Case will be heard by board of judges under the chairmanship of the judge Elena Pervushina. we Will remind

, the Specialized anti-corruption prosecutor's office transferred to Goloseevsky district court of Kiev the indictment on "amber to business" concerning People's Deputies Borislav Rosenblatt and Maxim Polyakov and other persons.

In February, 2018 of NABU finished a consequence of "amber business" where Rosenblat and Polyakov appear and provided them materials for acquaintance.

detectives of NABU and SAP detained on June 19, 2017 7 people involved in extortion and obtaining illegal benefit for assistance of the foreign company in implementation of extraction of amber in Ukraine. According to the investigators, a crime is committed with the assistance of People's Deputies of Ukraine.

according to SAP, is established?? probable participation of two people's deputies - Maxim Polyakov and Borislav Rosenblatt. we Will note

that on September 20, 2018 the District administrative court of Kiev recognized as illegal actions of NABU the course of investigation and search operations concerning Rosenblatt.



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