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Ishchenko - about the top status of the national team of Ukraine, Rakitsky's risk and mistakes of "youth team"

The result of a two-masted session of the national team of Ukraine in which the national team has changed the Czech Republic and Slovakia and also an elimination game of "youth team" with Latvia was commented by the honored trainer of Ukraine Alexander Ishchenko.

- Alexander Alekseyevich how there has passed a distance the first national team?

- As grand masters! The national team has skillfully distributed forces and has executed trainer's installation. The main thing - result, and we have achieved him. "Blue-yellow" have extremely attentively played in defense and have squeezed out a maximum in the attack. I think, nobody will argue that the national team of Ukraine has deservedly won against both the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

- In comparison with a duel against Czechs, Andrey Shevchenko has made only one replacement - in "start" left Wish-wash. As far as does it have been justified?

- In rotation is always risk - both in one party, and in another. It is clear, that our children lacked freshness, however the stable structure can also be a part of success. Wish-wash against Slovaks I have shown very reliable soccer. Nikita now on selection and a game in the center of defense - one of the best, and, not only in Ukraine.

- In what difference of a game with Slovakia from previous - with the Czech Republic?

- If to speak on persons, then I will note reliable actions of Karavayev on the flank and smaller activity of Matviyenko. Slovaks have paid special attention to Marlos, which isn't surprising. It was heavy to Malinovsky to hold two in a row games at such level. Well and in general, it is necessary to notice that very strong rival against us resisted.

- In a match with Slovakia at Shevchenko's team and the moments was less, and shoots for goal...

- Slovaks blocked everything. However, the task to guests was facilitated by the fact that the national team of Ukraine has forgotten about such terrible weapon as distant blows. At us Rakitsky, Sidorchuk and Malinovsky can brag of it. It would be desirable to see, of course, more often shots from a long range from Ruslan.

- Why so often and unfairly risked at the gate Rakitsky?

- Yaroslav worked in a manner peculiar to him. He always wants to leave qualitatively defense in the attack. He practically has no carrying out of a ball anywhere. Yes, sometimes it seems that Rakitsky is the adventurer, but it not so.

- Pyatov "has nearly "welded on" also once at the gate...

- On that they and goalkeepers. For a match something like that at least once and happens. But, at whom doesn't happen?

- When fatigue of football players of the national team of Ukraine in a match with Slovakia became noticeable?

- in the middle of the second half that is quite natural. But after that replacements have also gone. After them a game on a half of the field of Slovaks has quickened again.

- By the way, about replacements. Has how in due time and successfully made them by Shevchenko?

- Result of a duel - the answer to your question. Only one raid of Tsygankov of what only costs. The coaching staff of the national team of Ukraine has reacted perfectly.

- the Penalty in gate of Slovaks was?

- is unconditional. You on reaction of football players saw that the arbitrator has made the right decision. Nobody was indignant. And similar mistakes - a national team problem Slovaks



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