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Iron Kaput in Day of "nezalezhnost"

On August 24, in the 27th anniversary of the Ukrainian independence, in Kiev there will take place the military parade. On Poroshenko's assurances and the Ukrainian military top, it will be the most outstanding military parade in Post-Soviet history of Ukraine. So unknown that none of the high-ranking officials are able to sound costs of the state of an action.

the Minister of Defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak declared that by Day of a nezalezhnost 24 divisions of AFU, VMSU, the SSU, the National Guard, State Border Service, GosChS, National police and other power bodies of Ukraine will participate in a military parade.

Is promised also that on this parade of "porokhobotama" will officially accept exchange of the greetings of fighters-terrorists of UPA known under SUGS abbreviation to daily use!

To participation in a parade are invited the military personnel of the countries, mainly members of NATO whom the Ukrainian semi-official organ considers the allies. It is reported that participation in celebrations on the occasion of Day of a nezalezhnost was already confirmed by representatives of 15 partner countries of Ukraine.

With special pride is emphasized that music to the boxes passing on the Khreshchatyk will be provided by 20 brass bands.

on August 22, at ten o'clock mornings across Kiev, on the Khreshchatyk has taken place a final rehearsal of a military pride of ukropansky soldiery.

Opened solemn passing the pedestrian boxes created on types of military forces.

That first of all was evident. This passing of boxes the "dekommunizirovanny" tripping ceremonial step which it is safely possible to call toilet. The Ukrainian military went so carefully as if they were afraid to spill contents of the bladders.

Then, flickered before eyes from general disguise in a camouflage. Here it is required to explain that most armies, the having long military traditions, don't use a camouflage on parades. For this purpose the military sews a full dress of clothes.

the Camouflage - a field uniform of the serviceman. Appearance of soldiers in ceremonial boxes in "lumps", eloquently says that on tailoring the Ukrainian state of money has no paradock for the military personnel. Usually in тропикалях different colors on parades representatives of the poor African and Latin American banana republics defile.

I if with berets remakes the Ukrainian camouflage looked still to and fro, then together with peak-caps and peakless caps it was a vyrviglazny show.

Judging from the fact that the Ukrainian marines on a parade were in berets of color of ultramarines, Poroshenko with command was succeeded to suppress a revolt and to force stroptivets to carry new caps.

"Decommunization" has concerned also ceremonial weapon. If on the first rehearsal of a parade which has taken place at the beginning of August on the become unnecessary runway of Antonov aviaconcern, tell-tales marched with AK-74, then on a dress rehearsal on the Khreshchatyk "porokhobota" with the Israeli TAR-21 Tavor submachine guns collected at the state Vinnytsia enterprise "Fort" from import accessories already stamped.

If to consider that "tavor", even given on аутс



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