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Irina Saltykova has shown a photo from a concert

The singer has shown a photo in an unusual dress and shoes with feathers.

Irina Saltykova in one of recent interviews said that she isn't going to come back to big show business as wants "to give way to young people".

However the day before on her page in Instagram has appeared the picture in which she is depicted singing on the stage. The attention of admirers was drawn by an unusual dress in which Irina has been dressed. the 52-year-old singer has chosen by

for a performance a short and magnificent black dress with a deep decollete and several tiers of skirts. And standing at her high heels with finishing by feathers flaunted.

Irina Saltykova acted in expressly seksualizirovanny images from the very beginning of the career, with early the 90th. At her clips there were BDSM elements, strippers acted (for example, famous "Tarzan" Sergey Glushko). But at the same time songs Saltykova sang

lightweight and nonaggressive - about "Blue eyes" and "The solar friend". Now in a similar esthetics the magnificent blonde Svetlana Loboda works, for example, but she adheres to more "famfatalny" spirit.

Edition to an uznayvsa. the Russian Federation reminds that some time ago in Network discussed a rare family photo of Svetlana Loboda on which she is depicted with both daughters. Besides, the hand of the unknown man has got into the shot. Subscribe by

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