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Into Ukraine did not allow to import eight more books from the Russian Federation

The refusal is provided on the basis of conclusions of advisory council of Goskomteleradio concerning analysis

the State committee of Ukraine concerning television and broadcastings (Goskomteleradio) forbade to import from Russian Federations eight more books. Measures are taken because of promotion of the state aggressor, it is said in the statement of the press service of Goskomteleradio.

Refusal is provided on the basis of conclusions of advisory council of Goskomteleradio concerning the analysis and assessment of publishing products on its references to such which is not allowed for distribution in the territory of Ukraine.

In particular, and the company positive Russian children try to help with the modern children's fairy tale by Natalya Evdokimova Kimka to ugly beings - "fennel" and "ukropchasty" which "coward and feats are not able to make".

Also, considering conclusions of advisory council, Goskomteleradio did not provide import licenses the edition of 45 tattoos of the personality. Rules of my life of Maxim Batirev which certain head is devoted to the Russian patriotism and education of the Russian patriots. The children's book by the writer of the Soviet era Leonid Panteleev About the Little squirrel and Tamarochke written in 1940, and therefore impregnated with spirit and symbols of communistic ideology is also forbidden.

Besides, signs of promotion of the state aggressor are present also at the edition Grandfather's councils of the beekeeper Evgeny Grebennikov.

"Are not presented the import license of three books on psychology to which in prefaces myths about "superstate" of Russia are in every possible way propagandized. For example, in the spirit of imperial ideological doctrines in the forward to the book Wisdom of mentality: The deep psychology in a century of neurosciences is claimed that only Russia and Russians saved the world from fascism during World War II, and the word mentions a contribution of other states and the people to a victory. The imperial ideas of the state aggressor are present also at prefaces to books Dancing therapy and Deep psychology: driving imagination, Dictionary of klyayniansky psychoanalysis", - note in department.

Among other things, is provided refusal on import of the book of the American astronaut Scott Kelly Stoykost: my hour in space which summary Alpin's publishing house non-fiction devoted to praise of Russia and the Russian astronautics, saying that it "shocks and causes respect of Americans".

Now in the list 92 editions forbidden for import to Ukraine of books.



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