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Inside MotoGP: As in the Grand Prix cope with extreme weather conditions

The World Cup in the Motor-Grand Prix travels around the planet where there are never weather conditions "to order": races under the open sky will always depend on conditions in which they pass here and now. How does MotoGP cope with the most difficult call - weather?

of МОТОГОНКИ.РУ, on October 9, 2018 - the Situation in Silverstone at the end of August, 2018 has shown how it is actually easy to destroy the event worth 15 million euros planned several months. There is enough that there were together only two factors: a rain and the asphalt which isn't tested in similar conditions; but also and early the counted plans which overset nobody, except Dorna Sports didn't gather.

Not only cold, but also the scorching sun is capable to violate the harmonious scheme of organizers as was in 2013 on Phillip Island. What it is heavier - a heat or cold? If to take average temperatures on the surface of asphalt on all 19 tracks from the calendar of MotoGP, prior to a visit to Thailand in 2018 Losail International Circuit was the hottest. It is the reason for which 10 years ago the race in Qatar began to be held to night-time. However, you shouldn't think what with approach of twilight in Arabian empty becomes cold at once! No, temperature falls slowly there. If in the evening, before free the practician shows the thermometer 34, from the sunset "becomes cold" only by 2-3 degrees. But the main thing another that temperature on the surface of asphalt decreases: on a bright sun she can easily pass 52 degrees, and without the sun she quickly comes to balance with air temperature, and exceeds her only by several degrees.

Usually, temperature of Qatar asphalt is 3-5 degrees higher than air temperature. That is, if in Paddock 32, on a track 35-38 are very comfortable conditions for work. The difference in temperature is caused by work more than 3600 searchlights highlighting a track at night. Each directed searchlight nevertheless heats. 1000 more searchlights are directed so that to reduce effect of emergence of shadows. They are located below and shine, mainly at an acute angle so that not to stick together racers.

to Act and work in Qatar much more comfortably because of equal climate and low humidity of air. Sometimes, from the gulf begins to inflate a sea breeze, and then in Losaila it is just smart!

Quite another matter, Sepang International Circuit or Chang International in Thailand. Malaysia and Thailand absolutely nearby, their climatic conditions are similar. Here too in the afternoon hot, to 35. But at the same time, at 95% of humidity of air there come the real extreme conditions. To be prepared for them, athletes one week prior to a trip to Malaysia begin to train in special conditions: someone as Andrea Jannone, trains in a sauna; others as Mark Márquez, put on additional layers of a layered clothing to increase intensity of sweating, "as in the Sepang".

In addition to it, pilots pass to the special diet promoting decrease in dehydration (loss of liquid or dehydration). Horse



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