Date: 7 months ago   Category: Hi-Tech

Innovative developments of ADATA at the IFA 2018 exhibition

The ADATA company will present the latest decisions at the IFA 2018 exhibition which will take place from August 31 to September 5 in Berlin.

Among novelties - game solutions of the range XPG, including modules of memory of RGB DDR4, SSD stores with the PCIe interface, capacious memory cards of microSDXC of the class A1, the protected hard drives and other decisions.

"We look forward to the beginning of the IFA 2018 exhibition to show our new game decisions and stores", - Peter Wu, the European director of ADATA has told. "IFA, the key action in the field of consumer electronics which is taking place in the center of Europe will give us the chance to show our leader positions in the field of the systems of data storage and also to tell about how we expand the presence in the region, especially in the field of games and cybersport".

the Line of game decisions of XPG heads the module of memory SPECTRIX D80 - the first-ever memory of DDR4 with the hybrid liquid-air cooling system which consists of a radiator with nonconducting liquid and an aluminum radiator. The liquid radiator is equipped with RGB illumination - on joy to gamers and DIY users. Also at the stand the SPECTRIX D41 DDR4 RGB module with a frequency of memory over 4600 MHz will be presented. He supports the Intel X299 and AMD AM4/Ryzen platforms and possesses bright RGB illumination which can be adjusted in the XPG RGB Sync application and other compatible programs.

Also at the XPG stand will be presented gaming accessories, including earphones with the amplifier with a virtual 7.1-channel sound, the keyboard with RGB illumination and a mouse. Among high-speed PCIe of SSD stores the company will show the novelties of SX6000 Pro and GAMMIX S5 going for replacement of traditional SATA SSD with speeds of 3-4 times above.

From a line of ADATA will be presented microSDXC memory cards on 512GB with speeds of reading/record up to 100/85 Mbps. They meet the requirements of the Video Speed Class V30 and Application Performance Class 1 (A1) standard, providing fast transfer of video and smooth work of mobile applications. Capacious memory cards will expand memory of mobile devices and will allow to store a set of new photos, audio and video of records and other content.

of ADATA HD830 is a capacious external hard drive which provides the maximum protection of the user data and is available capacity to 5TB. He is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard and also is capable to sustain pressure to 3000 kg thanks to innovative material and a special design. The HD680 model possesses protection of a military class and is capable to maintain falling from considerable height.

of ADATA will present at the stand external accumulators and chargers, including the owner of an award of "iF Design" D8000L with the built-in LED small lamp on 200 Lm, the CV0525 car charger with a convenient cable extender, the station of charging CU0480QC with 5 USB ports and wireless CW0100 and CW0050 chargers with the certificate of Qi.



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