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Increase in tariffs of NKREKP washes away from coal branch one billion - Volynets

As NKREKP has raised products of Ukrgidroenergo, the market of thermal generation, and together with him and the coal sector, will lose about 1 billion UAH. Such opinion was expressed by the head of Independent labor union of miners Mikhail Volynets.

"Can't apprehend my consciousness why on October 16 NKREKP, the regulator, has made such decision and by that it has washed up nearly 1 billion hryvnias from the market of thermal generation.

Will suffer coal miners. Have reduced in a tariff for the thermal electric power coal price up to 2090 UAH from 2535 UAH. It will strongly strike coal miners of the state mines because state support isn't allocated, in the state budget for 2019 doesn't put the state of support, raising gas prices for consumers, starts a round of rise in price of all - and is warm that as a result kills the domestic coal industry. And it when coal is abroad bought at the price of 3200-3500 UAH/ton", - Mikhail Volynets has noted.

according to him when the regulator made such decision, key for branch, as the change in price of coal in a tariff of thermal power plant, labor collectives and labor unions have stood aside, and now it is necessary to think of consequences of "lobbying of interests of hydropower".

"Needs to speak about consequences. More in high gear destruction of the coal industry, blow to thermal generation which has unique potential to regulate power in peak hours and hours of the minimum consumption. We already observe hunger strikes in state mines, finding of miners underground in protest, and ahead winter - a heating season. 261 million UAH of Gosshakhta will receive less. It is almost monthly wages fund, it is a lot of. Debt today on salary in state mines - 875 million UAH. And since November first 530 million more UAH will be added", - Mikhail Volynets considers.

according to Mikhail Volynts, will suffer from the solution of the regulator both coal miners, and consumers.

"A tariff for a hydra has grown by 43%, and I don't know who has lobbied it and who stands behind it. Who has suggested the idea, who has laid a hand to destruction of the coal industry? The made decisions are a blow to the coal industry, all consumers will suffer. If there is no domestic coal, it will be necessary to buy import, and we thereby will finance economy and work of miners in Australia, the Republic of South Africa, Russia and Poland. And the meanwhile the miner's cities will be in stagnation and decline", - Mikhail Volynets is sure. we Will remind

, on October 16 the National commission which is carrying out state regulation in spheres of power and utilities (NKREKP) has reconsidered tariffs and the investment program of Ukrgidroenergo, having raised a tariff for 43%.

As was reported earlier, according to the expert of Institute of energy strategies Yury Korolchuk, the Resolution of NKREKP (No. 1486 from 12/28/2017) about increase in a tariff for supply of electricity of the state company

"Ukrgidroenergo" can enter the conflict with the legislation of Ukraine and to be in fact illegal. we Will remind

, media note that Ukrgidroenergo remains the most profitable type of a gener



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