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In Williams are upset with qualification results

In Spa racers of Williams Sergey Sirotkin and Lens Stroll were qualified by the 18th and 19th. In team are upset that they didn't manage to pass in the second part of qualification, and recognized the shortage of speed.

of Paddi Lowe, technical director: "We are very upset with the fact that any out of our cars hasn't gone out of the first part of qualification. We have carried out it as planned - two attempts for each racer. They haven't made any mistake, but the car was insufficiently fast. We wasted time on the first and third sectors where there are a lot of straight lines, but looked rather competitive on the second. As we were convinced today, the configuration of our car doesn't allow to act surely on this route.

Nevertheless, qualification has turned out fascinating. Our congratulations to Racing Point Force India, her racers have occupied the second starting row. The final session was difficult for all teams, and it is a pity that we couldn't take part in it. We for certain would begin her on intermediate tires! "

Sergey Sirotkin (18th): "It is a pity that everything has so ended as, on feelings, the car in qualification was not such slow as it is possible to think, looking at results. I believe, as well as yesterday, the car was a little better balanced, her behavior was stabler and predictable. It was possible to hope for higher speed, than it has turned out as a result.

Ya has well passed a circle, but hasn't ideally overcome the final chicane therefore Fernando Alonso was ahead of me by five 100-th. I believe if not it, I would be qualified ahead of him, but isn't much higher as it was the limit for our car.

Unfortunately, today one of those days when you close eyes and you seems that you have well worked, but then you open them, you see results and you understand that it not so. It confuses me as there was a feeling that we have achieved progress".

of Lens Stroll (19th): "Very difficult session which has come to the end not in the best way. The vehicle was very difficult to be operated. I was mistaken in the first turn, having blocked wheels in the second attempt. Then I widely left the thirteenth turn where has lost several tenth. As a result I have wasted a lot of time and couldn't fight with the others.

Frankly speaking, I have doubts that in a race we will achieve much as we lack speed on straight lines, and we aren't really good in turns. However I am all the same adjusted on fight and I will do everything possible as in the first turn and Eau Rouge can occur anything. I will try to win back several positions on start, and there we will look that will be farther".



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