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In what month you were born - it and there will be your ideal man!

Let to you will carry:)

Compatibility - an important condition harmonious, or at least the normal relations. Month of your birth can give some hints too, are sure of Thought Catalog.


Look for the guy who can go in step with your ambitious and hardworking character. You the workaholic, and you deserve only the one who won't be frightened of your success and persistence, and the one who will be near you, despite your devotion to work, and will support you in all your undertakings.


Look for the guy who is patient and inquisitive in itself, but especially with you. You unpredictable - are necessary today to you adventures and passion, and tomorrow - silence and contemplation. Look for the one who will accept all aspects of your nature, from strong to vulnerable, and he has to be the same fan of travel and changes.

of Marthe.

Look for the guy who cares for you the same as you care for him. You the honest, thoughtful and compassionate person, and you deserve the guy who admires and appreciates these qualities instead of using them for own benefit. You deserve the one who, will put you and your requirements on the first place as it is done by you.


Look for the guy who will fall in love with your spark. Many of them in the past, perhaps, have been rejected towards your strong and the stubborn personality. But as you don't hesitate to be open in the emotions - you deserve the guy who loves you such, and is rather self-assured not to be broken by force of your character.


Look for the guy who can correspond to your speed. You are concentrated on the hobbies and are very motivated, and you need the guy who can correspond to your intellectual level. You need the guy who will give you confidence, and will be able to be the good partner.


Look for the guy who isn't afraid to be emotionally open and vulnerable. Earlier your empathy and compassion brought you to the broken people of whom, in your opinion, you needed to take care. And though it is a part of your mission too, you deserve the one who will open to you and to love you by all force of the heart.


Look for the guy who just wants to be with you. You have so fascinating and friendly character that you attract to yourself many people - both admirers, and friends. You need (and you deserve) the guy who is self-assured enough not to be jealous you of this cohort. Look for the one who won't wound your sensitive soul.


Look for the guy who says to you what you need to hear and not that you want to hear. You have an identity of the leader - people admire you, listen to you and look at you. And though you deserve the guy who respects you and loves you for your force and self-control, you also need the guy who won't allow you to mount to him upon a neck, or to allow you to be trampled down on him. He has to treat with humour your egoism



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