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In what month the weakest and healthiest children are born

Astrologers are sure that month of the birth has a strong impact on our character, temperament and other lines.

scientists also came Not so long ago to a conclusion that this criterion affects certain features of the person, in particular, his health. They found interrelation between month of the birth and diseases which you can get during life, in particular, asthma, атеротромбоз and others.

All parents want that their child grew up successful, had strong immunity and as seldom as possible was ill. Well, it appeared, you can promote definitely it at a pregnancy planning stage!

Scientists from the Medical center of Columbia University conducted a research during which they found out that the children who were born in October and November have the highest risk of development of diseases whereas the kids who were born in spring and summer months have stronger immunity.

According to their statements, can influence this statistics seasonal factors, such as influence of vitamin D during pregnancy.

Researchers also found out that in Denmark the people who were born in May and August are more often than the others have an allergy and asthma. In New York in turn those who were born in July and October are stronger subject to these diseases.

To problems with reproductive health are more often inclined the people who were born in October and November, and to heart diseases - in March and April.

Risk of development of short-sightedness, according to scientists, is much higher at those who were born in summer months, than in the others. Certainly, the set of factors, including the environment, a way of life, heredity have an impact to

on human health. The most certain way to avoid above-mentioned and other problems - it is regular to make tests, to undergo inspections and to take corresponding measures.



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