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In what cases it is necessary to ring "ambulance"

In what cases it is necessary to ring "ambulance"
Residents of Dnepropetrovshchina nonsenses with doctors ask not to do.

Daily the service of emergency medical service of Dnepropetrovshchina accepts about 2,2 thousand calls.

"At our employees of "ambulance" is a lot of work. Every day - about 2,2 thousand calls. Everyone - important, on a game - someone's life.

I Urge residents of the area to be conscious and responsible. You shouldn't call on 103 if you, for example, have just caught a cold. Perhaps, at this moment someone waits for doctors after accident or with heart attack", - the director of the regional center of the emergency medicine and medicine of accidents has told Shevchenko's Radium.

according to him, happen also absolutely thoughtless calls on "ambulance".

"Has called the person recently, has called "ambulance". The crew went to "the young guy who is unconscious". Physicians have arrived to the place in seven minutes.

But has turned out that there is no patient. The person who has called "ambulance", has asked to help a dog and to transport her to the veterinarian", - Shevchenko's Radium has told.

the Doctor has reminded that "ambulance" should be called at:

* to loss of consciousness,

* spasms,

* sudden disorder of breath,

* heartaches,

* to vomiting blood,

* an acute pain in an abdominal cavity,

* in case of serious injuries, poisonings, accidents, damages by electric current,

* at bleedings or premature birth.

In other cases it is necessary to see the family doctor or to call in registry of out-patient clinic.

For reference: 280 crews of "ambulance" and more than 1,5 thousand family doctors work at Dnepropetrovshchina.



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