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In Ukraine the new law on alimony and evacuation of the child abroad has come into force

Today, on August 28, the law which toughens payment and target use of alimony in Ukraine has come into force and establishes a possibility of evacuation of the child abroad without the consent of the second parent.

So, the provisions of the law enhance responsibility for failure to pay alimony within 6 months (three - if the child is sick): the debtor will be involved in socially useful works for a period of 120 till 240 o'clock. For repeated violation it is necessary to fulfill from 240 to 360 hours. Deviators can be arrested for 10 days, and malicious - to imprison for 2 years.

Parents, not persons interested to provide minor children, will receive a warning or will pay a penalty in the amount of 50 to 100 NMDG (from 850 to 1700 UAH), and for the same actions made repeatedly within a year - from 100 to 300 NMDG (from 1700 to 5100 UAH).

Besides, debtors on alimony won't be able to strike off the register or to re-register a car.

the Recommended size of alimony for one child is equal to a living wage for the corresponding age and can be awarded by court in case of sufficiency of earnings (income) of the payer of alimony. At the same time the court isn't limited to the income size if expenses of the parent exceed these earnings and he hasn't confirmed a source of origin of means.

will control Target use of alimony: tutorship and guardianship authorities are authorized to carry out regular and unplanned inspections. Besides, the parents forbidding to communicate with separately living father/mother will pay a penalty in the amount of 100 to 150 NMDG (from 150 to 300 NMDG for violation, repeated within a year). To repeated violators can forbid to leave the country and to limit in the right of driving - before execution of the decision in full. On an appointment with the child the state performer can attract guardianship authorities. The penalty will be paid also the parents who have taken out the child from Ukraine without the permission it is more than for a month: from 100 to 200 NMDG. we Will remind

, since August the child can be taken out for a month abroad without the permission of the parent living separately (having just notified him on the country of residence and terms). For this purpose it is necessary to collect a package of documents. Self-willedally it is possible to take out the child up to 16 years for a month, having shown the judgment or guardianship authority in which the place of residence of the child with the leaving parent is defined. The procedure of confirmation of the place of residence for trip abroad is established by the Cabinet of Ministers. That from parents with whom the child lives, submits to service for children at the place of residence of the child the following documents: the statement, copies of passports, the certificate of registration of the place of residence, the copy of the birth certificate of the child, the copy of the judgment about divorce (in the presence), confirmation on sending the registered mail to the second parent.

Within 6 months National Bank will check the accounts opened till August 28 in banks addressed to the natural persons entered in the Unified register of debtors. The public executive service or private performers will be notified on the revealed accounts of debtors. <



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