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In Ukraine "petrol fever" began: what it is fraught with

In Ukraine "fuel fever" gains steam. Petrol prices, the diesel and automobile gas grow the second month to a row. Only for the last week gasoline and diesel fuel rose in price for 1 UAH/l. At some gas stations A-95 gasoline is already more expensive than 35 UAH, and bonus A-95 plus - at all 36,5 UAH
As was explained by the expert of the fuel market Leonid Kosyanchuk, present already record price tags can grow even more. And as a result to become a headache not only ordinary drivers, but also all Ukrainians. Expensive autofuel beats prime cost practically of all goods and services, untwisting already high inflation.

As was noted by Kosyanchuk, main "responsible" for record rise in price of gasoline and diesel fuel - oil.

"Even internal producers of oil products form the prices on import parity and never deliver on the market the production cheaper than import. As a rule, are verified with prices of the Belarusian oil company, and that exposes the prices on world quotations", - the expert says.

according to the specialized Encorr platform, oil at the international exchanges continues to rise in price. At the beginning of this week quotations on Brent crude oil on terms of delivery in December increased up to 84,33 dollars for barrel. For comparison: the barrel of November oil cost 74,4 dollars. analysts call

of Prichina of rise in price reduction of deliveries to the world market of the Iranian oil (they fell from 2,5-2,7 million barrels to 1 million). The Iranian traders are stopped by sanctions of the USA - Donald Trump threatened with isolation to the countries which will decide to buy the Iranian oil. The countries of OPEK cannot quickly replace with the goods disgraced oil from Iran, as a result the offer in the market is reduced. Tension on the market of oil was added by the hurricane "Michael" which moves to the Gulf of Mexico where towers of a number of the oil-extracting companies are located. The last already reduced production by 19%.

All these factors allow analysts to build the most pessimistic forecasts. They do not exclude that the cost of oil will reach next year 100 dollars for barrel. "I do not know

how much then we will have gasoline - on 40 or, maybe, on 50 UAH", - Kosyanchuk says. He also explained

from where the external record cost of gasoline undertakes.

"Oil products are contracted on 747 dollars for ton plus an excise of 213,5 euros and to increase all this by a current rate of the NBU. Each 10 dollars of rise in price of ton of oil products in wholesale give plus of 40 kopeks to gasoline liter cost", - Kosyanchuk counted.

Such price proportion is valid if the rate of hryvnia to dollar remains stable.

"Each additional hryvnia is aware of dollar - it is still plus of 85-87 kopeks on liter of gasoline and the diesel", - Kosyanchuk told.

If a course by the end of the year reaches, for example, 30 UAH as it is budgeted, then automobile fuel will rise in price still at least for 1,2 UAH/l.

according to gas trader of Mikhail Shuban, gas in wholesale rose in price for the last month with 2



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