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In Ukraine one of the biggest systems of probations in Europe, - Vladislav Nikitin is created

The deputy chief of branch of Public institution "Center of a probation" in the Dnipropetrovsk region Vladislav Nikitin has noted that in Ukraine one of the biggest systems of probations in Europe is created.

became known Of it at a press conference in MOST-DNEPR news Agency.

"This system is rather new to Ukraine. The law which has entered a probation has been adopted in February, 2015, but has come into force since August, 2018. Though work on introduction of a probation in our country has begun in 2012 with the corresponding order of the Cabinet of Ministers. Then the Swedish model has been assumed as a basis.

the Probation is the system of the supervising and social and educational measures applied by a court decision and according to the law to convicts, performance of certain types of the criminal penalties which aren't connected with imprisonment and providing court with information characterizing the defendant.

the System of a probation provides work with persons who have committed a crime, without their isolation from society. It is about providing social and psychological support and the help to them. At the same time people who have committed a crime have to control themselves during stay on a probation.

In Ukraine is created one of the biggest systems of probations in Europe today. Through the whole country 3,5 thousand employees of a probation, in the field of them 312 work. Divisions of a probation are practically in each territorial unit. So, 43 divisions work at Dnepropetrovshchina. Now in the region there are 6200 subjects of a probation, from them 6 thousand have received punishment without restriction of freedom, the others - administrative punishment.

the National probation consists of three types of a probation caused by features of legal status of persons (subjects of a probation) in a justice system: pre-judicial probation, observation probation, penitentiary probation.

the Pre-judicial probation is applied at a stage of judicial proceedings to the persons accused of commission of crime and consists in drawing up the pre-judicial report - the written information characterizing the identity of the defendant. In the Dnipropetrovsk region since 2017 3,5 thousand such reports are prepared. In 77% the opinion of employees of a probation has coincided about opinion of judges.

"The center of a probation" in the Dnipropetrovsk region actively cooperates with jobcenter, service for family and youth which help us with paperwork for subjects of a probation", he said.



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