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In Ukraine new money, the first photos have appeared

The National Bank has begun to print new money
the National Bank of Ukraine will release a coin of 2 hryvnias which is devoted to the 100 anniversary of the Taurian National university of Vernadsky.

have transferred This educational institution in 2015 from the occupied Crimea to Kiev.

"On an obverse of a coin are placed: above - the small State Emblem of Ukraine, under which the inscription "Ukraine"; in the center - a logo of the Taurian national university of V.I. Vernadsky on both sides from which years: 1918 and 2018; below face value of 2 hryvnias and logo of Banknote mint of the National Bank of Ukraine", - have told in the NBU.

On a reverse of a coin is placed the building of city theater in which the ceremonial opening of the university was held on October 14, 1918, against the background of the building, on the right - Vernadsky's portrait and inscriptions: The Taurian national university, to a name of V.I. Vernadsky, 100, on October 14 of <>
it was reported Earlier that the National Bank has released the silver collection coin devoted to digging of potato which has caused a storm of emotions in Ukrainians.

a new coin will get To a turn on May 22, 2018. The coin has been released of 10 hryvnias.

According to the message on the website of the Central Bank, a new coin is devoted to disclosure in an art and figurative manner of ironical naivety of images of the Ukrainian archetype.

"Is well-known that among primordial values Ukrainian is the earth wet nurse. The inclination and love to her, work of one thousand years on her unite Muzhchina and the Woman, the symbolizing two figures in the form of heart", - have said in the NBU.

On a reverse of a coin can see the hunched man and the woman, and on an obverse - potatoes bush.

In Network have ambiguously reacted to such creative decision and have found other reason for irony. Such coin, users of network assure, symbolizes Ukraine as backward agrarian society, but not advanced and technological.

"Very much I wait for anniversary coins "Ukrainians on strawberry in Poland" and "Ukrainians wash toilet bowls in Italy". Well that to capture all trends", - the blogger Denis Gorokhovsky has written.




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