Date: 5 months ago   Category: Economy

In Ukraine inflation has accelerated

In October consumer inflation in Ukraine has accelerated up to 9,5% in comparison with the same period of 2017, and in monthly measurement of the price have grown by 1,7%.

"As expected, fundamental inflationary pressure remained considerable that is connected with increase in expenses, including on compensation, and steady domestic demand. It is also expected influence on the internal prices owing to increase in the world prices for energy resources and grain has amplified", - the press service of the NBU explains.

Besides, basic inflation in October has accelerated up to 8,8% in annual terms.

"To the loudspeaker of this indicator has caused, first of all, increase in prices for services under the influence of the further growth of production costs, in particular on compensation and also pressure from consumer demand. So, growth of cost of services of hairdressing salons, cable television, separate services in repair and the maintenance of housing, mobile communication has accelerated", - have told in the NBU.

at the same time invariable in October were growth rates of the prices of nonfoods. Rise in price of separate goods of long consumption (construction materials, household chemicals, jewelry and others) has been leveled by reduction in cost of other commodity positions from the same category (in particular, TVs and mobile phones).

Is reported that dynamics of food prices with high extent of processing in October has practically not changed. On the one hand, because of rise in price of flour increase in prices for macaroni, confectionery, rich products has accelerated. With another - rates of rise in price of meat and dairy products were slowed down.

At the same time increase in prices for crude food has accelerated up to 1,6%.

Has remained falling of the prices of fruit thanks to a good harvest of these cultures, first of all apples. Besides, smaller, than it was expected, there was increase in prices for vegetables, including because of extension of the offer of hothouse vegetables.

"However in October have increased growth rates of the prices of vegetables of borshchovy set as during the first half of month their deficiency in the market because of later harvesting was still observed", - note in the NBU.

Growth rates of administratively regulated prices have increased (to 14,6% in comparison with 2017) and were above the October forecast.

Because of increase in minimum prices has accelerated rise in price of alcoholic beverages, and fare in road transport has grown owing to increase in the world prices for fuel and further pressure from expenses on compensation. Besides, since October 1 tariffs for rail passenger traffic have been raised.

Increase in prices for fuel has accelerated (up to 24,5% in annual terms) against the background of rapid growth of the world prices for oil and weakening of an exchange rate of hryvnia during the previous periods.

In the NBU consider that against the background of increase in administrative regulated prices and tariffs inflation will reach 10,1% in annual terms for the end of 2018. In the medium term gradual decrease of the inflation rate to the target level of 5%, пл is supposed



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