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In this world there is nothing accidental. To all - the appointment and time


of Nothing in the world occurs accidentally, Noutati writes. The Universe constantly changes. None of us know what to wait of tomorrow for.

At a coin always two sides - dark and light. As well as at life. We study every second something. Everything that happens to us, has accurately definite purpose.

depends Only on us what will be this world - kind or angry, friendly or hostile.

Ourselves create the world around ourselves - the thoughts, views, mood, words, outlook.

We are capable to see signs which are sent us by the Universe. We decide what to do next, - to work or reconcile to that state into which fell. We take destiny in hand or we remain detached onlookers.

Is only our choice. Instead of being angry, envy, suffer, we can change the relation to a situation, learn a lesson from it. The anger, despair, fear take away our energy, block access to consciousness, muffle reason "voice". Present to

that you made an act which led to consequences, unpleasant for you.

Instead of correcting an error or to make so that it any more never repeated, you have feeling of rage and repentance. Over time these feelings devour you completely and do not allow to think rationally.

As though before you suddenly grew a wall behind which the real world is not visible. It needs to be gone round, destroyed or found in it a hole, otherwise you will get stuck on one place and will begin to degrade. Only you solve

how to react to this or that situation.

Everything that occurs in life, has a definite purpose - to teach you to something: to patience, unselfishness, mercy, organization, etc. Nobody can make you unfortunate. Only to you to decide - to be the victim or the lord of destiny.

Everything that happens to us, - a consequence of our acts. In life there are no jumps and there are no accidents, everything has the reason - each our thought, each feeling and each act go from the past and influence the future.

is the past and the future is hidden from us, we look at life as on a riddle, without suspecting that created it. Therefore the phenomena of our life accidentally move forward before us from a chasm of unknown.

Stop and think what brought you into that point where you are at the moment. When you understand it, life will cease to seem to you series of tests and infinite sufferings. You realize that you are a creator of reality in which you live.

Learn to make decisions correctly. Do not do it in anger when to you it is sad or you are in desperate condition.

Despair - not the best adviser. Stop to regret for made, switch to the present.

Calm the mind, stop a stream of thoughts, get rid of fears, look at a situation quietly and without excess emotions, soberly analyse it. And to you understanding will come.

Life gives tests, only if you are ready them about



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