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In the Zaporizhia military hospital the Spanish doctors will operate free of charge

In the Zaporizhia military hospital the Spanish doctors will perform 32 operations

Seven doctors from Spain arrived to the Zaporizhia military hospital to perform operations to inhabitants of zone OOS within the charitable mission. The chief of the Zaporizhia military hospital Olga Chop told about this Industrialke. In total for the next few days doctors will perform free of charge 32 operations.

- the Offer to carry out such action arrived from charity American foundation "Mercy Bowl", - Olga Chop reported. - Everything began with the fact that in our hospital the sterilizer for all operational material failed. Actually without this equipment work of hospital appeared under the threat. Then we by means of the bishop of the Zaporizhia and Kharkiv diyetseziya of Rimo-katolichesky church Jan Sobilo for the first time left this fund and received the charitable help. Representatives of fund just were in Zaporizhia and expressed desire to help us. To us bought a sterilizer. As a result of communication the idea about holding such action for the aid to people who owing to difficult vital circumstances cannot pay to themselves treatment was born. Inhabitants of so-called "gray zone OOS" treat these people. Generally it is residents of the villages close to hot spots. And also it is immigrants, combatants and members of their families.

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In hospital For many people of operation there is already a most part of patients. Among them - people with cholelithiasis, hernias, etc. also rather difficult operation which will be performed by the maxillofacial surgeon from Spain to the fighter who was wounded during fighting Will be performed.

- In fact these operations do not represent any special complexity and for our colleagues from Ukraine, but these doctors from Spain arrived to help people free of charge, - Olga Mikhaelovna explained. - Together with them also experts from the Zaporizhia medical university as assistants will work here. The most part of operations will be carried out by a laparoscopic method. It is very pleasant that this organization helps our people who cannot recover by own efforts, and expeditious treatment was inaccessible for them.

Doctors arrived in Zaporizhia yesterday and at once visited hospital. Despite the road, physicians were ready very positively and actively discussed nuances of the forthcoming work with the Zaporizhia colleagues.

"Life obliges healthy"

Patients too to be ready to operations, and many wait for them not the first year. It for them the only chance of normal life. In one of chambers three inhabitants from the village of Chermalyk prepare for surgical intervention at once.

- our village is near Mariupol, on border from the DPR - we are divided by the river, - "Industrialke" Nikolay Buzadzhi told. - lived as on a powder keg earlier, now is quieter, but all the same shoot. We here three arrived in order that to us performed operations on removal of hernias. I suffer several years and I know that I need operation. In Mariupol, of course it is done, but an otka



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