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In the USA animals were forbidden to be grown up for sale. At last?

You want a dog - take in a shelter.

Supporters of protection of animals celebrate a victory of a campaign of Lucie - a dog who has begun this active opposition. Activists have put an end to horrors which unfortunate animals had to face, Ladbible writes.

the Government declared that it will forbid sale of puppies by shops for animals, online dealers and other third-party sellers.

the Secretary on environmental issues Michael Gouv has highly appreciated a campaign. "We will destroy dog farms, - he has said in the speech on Downing Street, - We will be convinced that illegal sales of kittens and puppies are finished.

Too many pets have been brought up in poor conditions, in pain, sufferings and hunger. Living beings shouldn't suffer such attitude towards themselves". Any who buys or takes to himself a pet who is less than six months old will directly deal with rescue center according to the ban.

According to Sky News, the purpose consists in facilitating to potential buyers an opportunity to learn from where their pet, and conditions in which he lived has undertaken.

of Gouv has told: "We want to make so that everyone who has a pet, knew that the puppy was brought up in normal conditions.

It means that we try to declare any third-party sales illegal and to tell that you can buy a puppy from the one who breeds these animals on legal grounds, the one whom you can visit to see this puppy near mother. Thus you will know that a dog or a cat I grew in care and prosperity". This updating was published in the legislation after the nine-year campaign under the name "Lucie's Law". Fight was headed by Mark Abraham from the campaign Pup Aid.

It has been motivated with Lucie's history, dogs of breed a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel which was saved from a dog farm in 2013. He has told

: "I am madly glad that it at last has occurred. For many years irresponsible farms in Great Britain and abroad used the third parties to keep all details of purchase in secret. Having forbidden

such sales, Lucie's Law will stop cruelty in relation to dogs and cats". And you are glad to this news?

of Christina Zvarych.



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