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In the past of mother didn't hesitate to nurse children on public. Why it is forbidden now?

There are proofs.

is difficult to believe that presently women are still criticized for feeding by a breast in public places.

This absolutely normal and natural process is considered something indecent or disgusting hypocrites who consider that the woman has to be covered or retire to feed the kid. One woman all this has so bothered

that she has decided to speak once and for all, Little Things tells. Renee Johnson has written on the Facebook a post about feeding by a breast in the American history which became virus.

Appears, "to be covered" have thought up only in the 20th century!

However, you watch:

Quoting article published by Breastfeeding USA, gives Rena information which will close a mouth that who claims as if openly to nurse the child is some modern invention. "Feeding in public concerned nobody in colonial America. Our foremothers had to be in charge of housekeeping that included feeding of the child therefore feeding by a breast in the market and in other public places didn't cause indignation". Further in article it is said: "At that time chest feeding was the only option of feeding - either mother, or the wet nurse". "Puritans considered that the breast is created for feeding of children, and in every possible way encouraged breastfeeding". Yes. Even the puritans who to this day are famous for the chastity and a pomeshannost on decencies considered chest feeding norm. "Public feeding by a breast has been widespread among colonist,s because they lived in society which supported feeding by a breast". Imagine: to live in society which understands your need to feed the child and doesn't call it into question!

Is sad that this idea seems so fantastic to many inhabitants of today's America.

of Rene has emphasized that chest feeding in public places is lawful in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and on the Virgin Islands now.

In a post are presented images of women of different nationalities, classes and eras - and all of them publicly nurse babies.

Some say that the naked breast allegedly distracts men who can't but see in her a sexual object. Nevertheless men of the past somehow managed to bear this hardest test!

Is obvious that the majority of modern arguments against public feeding by a breast are based on personal feelings and opinions, and not on historic facts at all.

A is still obvious that at all times there were courageous women who did that it is necessary to them, without looking back on people around.

Public feeding by a breast has to become the same daily trifle as setting of laces or a visit of shop, and then we will understand how it is ridiculous to inflate from him nearly political problem.

I though some people will never manage to be overpersuaded, this practice won't get to anywhere: too long ago she has arisen.

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