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In the next weeks increase in prices for fittings and a rod iron will amplify, - UPE

The growing quotations in the markets of scrap and iron ore raw materials stimulated increase in the prices of preparation in regions since the beginning of February, the press service of GP of Ukrpromvneshekspertiz

according to the enterprise, despite a pause in trade and leaving from the market of suppliers from China reports, quotations in the import market of YuVA in the first week of February went up. At the beginning of a week bargains were concluded for 450-460$/t cfr, but by the end of the week suppliers from the CIS increased the offer to 480-485$/t cfr.

"At the same time not all buyers accept price increase as the cost of finished steel grows not so promptly. In this regard interest in preparation from Iran which offers at the beginning of a week made 420$/t cfr YuVA amplifies. It is expected that after increase in quotations in the world market, offers of the Iranian companies will grow from the current 370-380$/t fob to 400$/t fob", - it is told in the message.

according to the expert of Ukrpromvneshekspertiza Oleg Gnitetsky, in MENA markets of the price vary from 390-400$/t cfr for preparation from Iran up to 470-475$/t cfr for deliveries from Turkey and the CIS.

Sharp rise in price of scrap and growth of prime cost force the Turkish producers to raise the prices regularly. Domestic prices grew to 455-460$/t exw against 425-445$/t exw week before, export offers raised for $18 up to 440-465$/t fob.

According to forecasts of experts of UPE, a favorable environment in the regional markets of preparation in the next two months will remain. "In view of the predicted further rise in price of scrap and increase in prime cost buyers will be forced to reconcile to increase and to make active orders for replenishment of warehouses at lower prices. At the peak of demand of quotation of preparation in ports of the Black Sea in March - April will come to at most $Ô 460 - 465 fob", - it is told in the message.

Despite still weak demand and resistance of buyers, producers raise offers on fittings and a rod iron since the beginning of February in the majority of regions owing to rise in price of preparation and growth of production expenses.

"Rise in price of scrap and ore supported an upward price trend of import offers of fittings and a rod iron in YuVA, - Gnitetsky noted. - In the first week of February of the price in YuVA grew by $13 and $5 respectively up to 480-516$/t cfr and 500-535$/t cfr. In China after holidays points the begun replenishment of warehouses at traders to possible increase in prices. Total stocks of fittings and a rod iron for the last two weeks before holidays grew by 1.638 million tons".

waiting for further increase in prices intensify purchases buyers in MENA markets. Import quotations in a week grew by $5 up to 470-494$/t cfr. In the UAE waiting for strengthening of demand the internal quotations of fittings grew by $13 up to 511-525$/t with delivery. In Egypt gain of the prices in a week was $14.

the Turkish producers are forced to raise sharply the prices that is caused by significant increase for $20-27 of import and domestic prices for scrap. The last offers of fittings in domestic market составля



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