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"In the morning cake, in the evening sex": the undressed leader of "House-2" gave advice to admirers

The former soloist of the Brilliant group has a rest in Seychelles.

I as it is accepted at stars, Olga Orlova shares with admirers not only surrounding landscapes, but also types of of darling, sometimes too provocative. It published one such photo in Instagram. On it the leader of "House-2" is shown in an open bathing suit of which the breast almost fell out.

Under so courageous shot the star placed the statement of the famous American writer Ernest Hemingway:

"On light is a lot of women with whom it is possible to sleep, and so there are not enough women to whom it is possible to talk".

Opinions of subscribers of the page of the actress were shared. Some shared impressions of Olga's delights. "Pretty", "Is fine", "You the smart woman". "Klasssny", "There is so much depth and kindness in eyes", "It is direct a doll", "The perfection", "At you everything is - mind, beauty, sedateness... it is worth a lot", "Cutie", "Goddess" - admired such.

Others reflected over the words of the classic: "It is precisely noticed", "It is even less of those to whom it is interesting to listen", "And it is even less of those with whom there is a wish to wake up".

of Men inspired the picture more. "Ayayay, almost a sensuality", "I suggest to meet and communicate.... You not against?", "I know that to which it is possible to sleep and talk", "And, probably, to sleep with you if posted such photo in a bathing suit", "The subject of boobs is not up to the end opened", "On the course to sleep with you", - they wrote. Some were indignant with

, but felt sorry for Orlova: "Horror", "The head is more, than legs!", "Well the audience can wait from participants of the project, even if the leader has an intolerable desire though to lay out a piece of a sisechka?", "And rest does not help, it is necessary to the psychologist, in eyes a depression deep", "But why in eyes the grief is written?", "And you did not find still the one who would like to wake up with you? Why you lonely? Such effective it seems".

Sometimes and the leader of scandalous telebuilding participated in dialogue of followers. On a question of one lady "Olya and to what diet you adhere?" she answered:

"In the morning cake, in the evening sex. In the absence of one to replace with the second!",

and noted later that "so far on cakes".

Orlova often happens in Seychelles and always organizes photoshoots there. She perfectly looks, is much younger than the age, and wishes to remind of it to fans therefore she quite often publishes in social network shots in which yulistat delights. More often admirers, having seen the next sexual photo of the favourite, shower with her compliments.



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