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In the main park of Zaporizhia on new exercise machines it is possible to be engaged though the whole day

Central Park of Culture and Leisure "Dubovy Guy" are established first street
exercise machines
As Oleg Komarenko told the acting director of the central park of culture and leisure "Dubovy Guy", all on the new platform about 6-7 anti-vandal exercise machines will be installed.

are At the moment established three exercise machines - the T-shaped bar with an emphasis for a breast, the exercise machine on which it is possible to swing a press and to be tightened. And here put a big log and nearby a metal design for a hook of legs - swing a press as much as necessary.

- In the park we run many Zaporozhetses, - Oleg Komarenko told. - Many including women, approached and asked to put some exercise machines. We listened to requests of visitors.

On those exercise machines which already put can pump over back top, pectoral muscles, a press. With the T-shaped bar also people with back problems can be engaged. Our exercise machines are useful both to men, and women.

Equipped the platform on a glade which is near a footpath on which Zaporozhetses run. So it quite can do on the way back here a stop for occupations on exercise machines.

workers of Dubovka Produce them according to drawings. Everything becomes at the expense of the profit of utility company. Oleg Komarenko assures

that employees of the park including he, and are engaged on "An edge of exercise machines".

- for the last two years come to life platforms for free use, - Oleg Komarenko says. - We pay to physical health of visitors of the park much attention. One athletic field, we call it "for occupations workout", opened last year. The park took part in the We Are the City project of Zaporozhstal plant, and on the won grant updated the platform. It is in the project of reconstruction of the park.

Made in the park and the playground. Let's do one more.

started Now to, I consider, the exclusive platform for occupations on street exercise machines. Now their three, the first appeared few months ago. We plan to install new exercise machines time in one and a half months.

We invite Zaporozhetses to come to the platform to be engaged in the fresh air. Exercise machines established on a glade which is the whole day in a shadow so it is possible to be engaged at any time.

And we are ready to accept offers what exercise machines visitors of the park would like to see on the platform. They can be given on our page on Facebook, on our website.

Needs to add that in the park reconstruction of the central entrance comes to the end, from Glissernaya Street.

As was noted by Oleg Komarenko, repaired not only columns, but also two rooms at an entrance. A problem of reconstruction - to return original state to the central entrance what it was in 1959 when Dubovka opened.

Small rooms at an entrance, most likely, will be leased to businessmen.

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