Date: 9 months ago   Category: Incidents

In the Leningrad Region the estate of Hannibal, the great-grandfather Pushkin has burned down

The central part of the mansion belonging to Abram Hannibal is almost destroyed by fire.

For the last 30 years is the second fire of the historical estate located in the village of Kobrino of the Gatchina district of the Leningrad Region. Despite historical value of the building, it has been abandoned long ago and was empty.

As was told by the chief inspector of the museum of the great-grandfather Pushkin Hannibal of "Suyd" Natalya Spichak, the roof in a middle part of the building has collapsed for a long time, a few years ago. Central part of a historical complex has most strongly burned down at the current fire.

Wings on sides of the main building have suffered less. Burning area was 250 sq.m. The signal of the fire has arrived at 4:20 on August 23. The main ignition has been liquidated already by 5:20, but still practically all day the prolivka and dismantling of the fire proceeded.

in the village of Kobrino Abram Gannibal has bought the Estate Runovo from the count Apraksin in 1762. Subsequently this estate belonged as a dowry to A.S. Pushkin's mother Nadezhda Osipovna.

After the revolution of 1917 in the building was school, then - a boarding school for blind people. Since 1961 before the first fire of 1989 in the building the tubercular clinic settled down.

nearby is In the settlement of Suyda one more estate of Hannibal, also his museum is located there.



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