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In the Dnieper district of Kiev there was a fire on several balconies of a house

In the Dnieper district of Kiev to the address Darnitsky Boulevard, 11 balconies on a facade of a 5-storey house burned. The Informant reports about it.

According to preliminary information, the fire began on a balcony of the apartment which is on the second floor of the house. According to eyewitnesses, the flame quickly extended up on facades of balconies and already in a few minutes balconies from second on the fifth floors burned.

Passersby noticed fire and called rescuers.

the Call to the 101 line arrived around 22:00, on June 12.

Fire, after arrival on the scene, appropriated to the fire a rank of the increased complexity in this connection additional forces of rescuers were attracted.

Already ignition managed to be localized at 22:22, and at 22:37 completely to liquidate.

Fire did not extend to apartments. From the top floors about 15 locals were evacuated, it was without victims.

Krom of firefighters, on the scene were physicians and law enforcement authorities.

of the Detail of an incident become clear. Remind

, in the Dnieper district of Kiev earlier, on Gnat Hotkevich St., 34 there was a fire in the territory of the former motor depot.




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