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In the countries where children are forbidden to be beaten, there were less criminals! That is why

In the countries where children are forbidden to be beaten, there were less criminals! That is why
Such is relentless statistics.

Youth is less inclined to violence worldwide where corporal punishments are forbidden.

came To such conclusion scientists, having analysed data from 88 countries, territories and protectorates, CNN reports. Results of the analysis were published in the BMJ magazine. the Head of a research Frank Elgar says

: "Societies which imposed a similar ban are safer for children". Many consider that corporal punishments are necessary in the educational purposes: like, if not to flog children, they will grow up hooligans.

But if it was so, result would be the return: it is more than violence among youth in those countries where corporal punishments are forbidden. However the statistics speaks differently.

In the analysis were used data of two global polls during which children of 13-17 years are questioned on different social problems, including on their sex life, alcohol intake, tobacco and drugs and violence. Also scientists used the similar researches which are already conducted in other countries.

asked Young people a question: "For the last 12 months how many times you participated in fights? "
Elgar and his team collected by
more than 400 000 answers of teenagers from 88 most different countries among which were as the countries with the total or partial ban of corporal punishments, and the countries which are still practicing flogging.

Under corporal punishments means use of physical force by adults for "correction or control" of behavior of the child. Punishments are, as a rule, painful, but do not do physical harm.

From 88 analysed countries in 30 affects a total ban corporal punishments, that is they are forbidden as at schools, and at home. New Zealand, Iceland, Portugal, Spain and several states of Scandinavia and South America treat this group of the countries.

In 38 countries, including the USA, Great Britain and Canada, works the partial ban - that is corporal punishments are forbidden only at schools.

In other 20 countries (Israel, Egypt and a number of the African countries) at the time of the research of the bans was not. "In the countries with a total ban participation of boys in fights made 69% of the countries without the ban, - Elgar says. - Among girls this gap appeared even more: participation in fights made only 42% in comparison with the countries where there is no ban". The lowest indicators of violence were found in Costa Rica, Portugal, Finland, Honduras, Spain, New Zealand and Sweden (in such order).

In the countries with the partial ban of decrease in violence among boys was not observed, but among girls it made only 56% in comparison with the countries without the ban. Scientists find it difficult to tell

unambiguously why the partial bans lower violence only among girls, but assume that girls solve the conflicts through social and emotional pressure more often, than through fights.

Is interesting that was investigated expected to see lower level of violence in richer countries, but результ



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