Date: 5 months ago   Category: Incidents

In the capital public transport the elderly person has died

On August 27, in evening hour, yesterday's Monday in the 14th tram near the station of the capital Beresteyskaya subway I have left life of people of advanced age.

the Death of the man has come as a result he tore off blood clot.

Tragic incident happened approximately at half past seven p.m. The tram No. 14 went towards the Lukyanovskaya metro station. Around the Beresteyskaya station the elderly man going by the second car suddenly began to be pushed to the floor.

the Movement on the line has at once stood and 2 hours towards Lukyanovskaya didn't renew. The female controller has called law enforcement authorities and ambulance. To the man his neighbors in the car, and then and doctors of ambulance tried to restore breath.

However a man's face became blue, and in a few minutes he has suddenly died.

According to the statements of doctors, it was almost impossible to save it, at the elderly person blood clot has come off.

the Body on the ambulance has been sent to a morgue of hospital. Law enforcement authorities investigate causes of death of the person.



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