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In Tetris Effect there is fanservisny level for admirers of classics

Who could think that in 2018 the tetris will apply for "A game of year" again! Tetris Effect not only brags of very tall estimates in the press, but also possesses a peculiar fanservice - reference to the known part of a series.

In Tetris Effect is "a weekly ritual" - a task for all community of a game. When gamers together achieve the established objectives, they open additional pieces. On the first week the tetris in Game Boy style became such piece.

There Tetris Effect is painted in shades green, against the background of pixel St. Basil's Cathedral flies by, and in a soundtrack classical Korobushka plays. This melody is so strongly connected with a tetris that the English-speaking public often calls it just tetris theme.

Level pays a tribute of respect to a tetris on Game Boy of 1989 - this version was delivered complete with a prefix and it was one of the most popular and known in the world.

As writes Eurogamer, the tetris from the 1989th disappeared at some players after days off, however it appears on a constant basis when you reach the 50th level. Yes, in Tetris Effect there is a pumping!

At the moment at Tetris Effect of 89 points from 100 on Metacritic - it became one of the most high-estimated games of the 2018th. The novelty differs from a standard tetris in bewitching alloy of music and a visual row: movements of figures are followed by a sound which supplements composition, and the rhythm is supported by the pulsing, poured and changing picture.

In a roller is lower - the confidential level where there is not a lot of a charm of Tetris Effect. But there is a lot of it in the announcing trailer. Tetris Effect is meanwhile available only on PlayStation 4 and to a PlayStation VR helmet.



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