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In Snigirevka Kormyshkin has organized the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine

In the village of Vasilyevka of Snigirevsky district yesterday, on August 24, have celebrated the 27th Birthday of Ukraine.

About it is reported by the press service of Our Edge party.

have arrived families of Afanasyevka, Evgenovki, Ivano-Chepino, Novovasilyevki, Novopetrovki, Yuryevka from the regional center, the city of Nikolaev To celebration and even neighbors from the village Beaver Kut of the Kherson region have come around.

passed All action on once untilled, hilly field. Over time, the people liking the native country, thriftily, not only have leveled the platform for festivities, but also have separated a zone for playing soccer, have carried out external lighting in several points that during the actions all spacious plain of Vasilyevki was visible and was well lit.

As are told by vasilyevets, traditionally on this platform at them there took place festivities by Day of Ivan Kupala. This year have decided to put new tradition in life of fellow countrymen and to begin to celebrate amicably the Independence Day of Ukraine on the open area in the village of Vasilyevka. The deputy of the Nikolaev regional council from Our Edge party Yury Kormyshkin has supported the initiative and desire of people.

Has begun the program of celebration from a patriotic performance of on-stage performance group which invited guests to approach closer conditionally outlined scene. When all have gathered, the Anthem of Ukraine was heard, and then, also standing, with tears in the eyes locals revered memory of 17 fellow countrymen, young guys who have died on Donbass, protecting a peaceful sky, carefully keeping the sovereignty of Ukraine. People haven't forgotten to remember also other fellow countrymen who have fallen in the years of World War II and resting in a mass grave near Vasilyevsky church, soldiers internationalists and liquidators of the Chernobyl accident.

Having looked back on the parties, among people it was possible to see and those representatives of "Volunteers of Snigirevshchina" who still were just yesterday on a front line were carried by bread, snigirevsky grapes, tomatoes only gathered from home fields to those fellow countrymen, those soldiers who today on Donbass. One of volunteers deputy - the Nikolaev regional council from Our Edge Andrey Zakusilov. - For us it is very important to be here support to children who there. And the only desire which all of us want to wish on the Birthday of Ukraine - the world. I never thought that I for the life learn what is war and what price of the world. It is terrible when you see what the peace cities when military plague comes turn into. And the fact that we here with fellow countrymen have gathered today under a peaceful sky it is a big merit of those our children who cherish this our peace also now, - Andrey Zakusilov has told. To congratulate people on a holiday there have arrived the chairman of Snigirevsky regional public administration Inna Boyko and the chairman of Snigirevsky regional council Tatyana Mezina.

Heads of the area have wished to attendees good health, wellbeing and development to the native land. Also Inna Boyko has reported that Snigirevsky district, thanks to good business executives, diligence and care about native



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